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Stress Causes A Loss Of $300B To US Business Annually…

How Much Is It Costing Your Team?

Help Manage Your Team’s Stress To Take Your Company From Surviving To Thriving

We have made stress be the enemy, but it is actually our recovery that is the problem. Stress is meant to be a positive performance enhancer. Yet due to the chronic nature of stress we experience in modern society, it has become the greatest performance killer for business. 


Think of your organization as an enclosed ecosystem with a one-way valve that traps all the external and internal stress. The buckets you see in the picture represent capacity for stress and the water represents the stress itself. The small buckets are the individual team members and the large buckets are the teams themselves. What happens is that stress is constantly recycled between the individual and team just like water is recycled between earth and clouds. In order to fix this, the stress has to be taken out intentionally and custom-tailored to each organizational ecosystem and individual team member. Stress is not the problem it is our inability to stop the stress from overflowing and our struggle with maintaining our stress capacity that causes burnout.

Proprietary Holistic Approach

Stress does not stop and start at work. So in order to effectively help your people, we have to help them in all aspects of life. Prospective Force brings together 3 major areas of stress into an individualized approach that creates buy in from team member. We unite Life, Health and Leadership development to get you the best return on your people investment. 




Supercharged Mind

Our mind is a powerful tool for us or a weapon against us. Stress determines whether we act as a powerful human or a fear driven caged animal.

Fortified Identity

Impostor syndrome and not having a clearly aligned personal vision and values is the greatest limitation to reaching our potential in work and life.

Serving First

Leadership is complex, but no matter the topic it all starts with servant leadership. Leaders struggling with this, add massive stress to teams.

Balanced Internally

Our internal health determines our motivation, confidence and performance more than any technology available and stress wrecks it.

Thriving Relationships

Relationships can create massive stress at home or at work, but when nurtured properly they help us to thrive in all environments even under heavy load.

Supportive Culture

How culture impacts stress is widely misunderstood and its vital to create diverse and inclusive culture to help your team reach its potential.

Nourish To Perform

When it comes to food, the first thing that people think of is the word diet. It is so stressful and instead we need to shift focus to nourishing our body for performance. 

Synergistic Life Plan

We are not one person at home and another at work. For that reason we need an integrated life plan that helps each component to feed the performance of the other.

Effective Performance

Traditional performance management is outdated and statistically causes more stress than good. It’s time to shift to agile performance management to help growth.

Pain Free Movement

When we are not moving as we were designed, we experience stress due to pain. This constant distraction has the smallest amount of awareness around impact of stress on performance. 

Lasting Legacy

Worrying about how we are impacting the world around us is a constant thought in most team members mind. Helping them design how they want to be remembered helps to limit our stress.

Clear Communication

The world has become very connected and many cultures work together. It is vital for teams to learn how to comunicate effectively to reduce unneccesary stress that comes from mistakes.

Holistic Stress Management Focused On HOW, WHAT, and WHY We Are To Achieve Top Performance

How We Are…Health




Our Internal Stressors

Think of your body as a vessel that can hold stress. When this vessel is nurtured and developed with resilience in mind, we can take on massive stress and not crack under pressure.

What We Are…Health




Our Action Stressors

The things we do or don’t do in life and how we go about executing them determines if we are adding unnecessary stress to our mind, body and spirit. Living in alignment with who we are is key to success 

Why We Are…Leadership




Our Impact Stressors

We are not designed to live in isolation. We are social creatures and we must have purpose in our existence on this planet. Irrelevant if you have a leadership title or not your leadership creates or mitigates your stress


” I worked with Anton for over two years. His coaching and leadership approaches were both motivating and understandable. I found that Anton would always make sure to understand my goals and objectives and he would work with me to achieve them in the most efficient way possible. One of Anton’s key strengths is his curiosity and desire to help me figure things out. He never spoon fed the answers or approaches; he helped me see how best to accomplish things. Another of his key attributes is his thirst for knowledge and desire to impart what he learned to others. I frequently found myself a beneficiary of his tireless research. Finally, he is always upbeat and positive. I find him great to work with. I strongly endorse Anton and highly recommend his coaching.”

Steven Shanker, Partner – US Valuation Center Of Executive Excellence at PWC

“Virginie delivered a high quality training in Communication competence to the students of Luxembourg school of contemporary etiquette. Her methodology of presenting the material is based on a systemic approach. The training was a great eclectic mix of serious information and humor. Virginie is passionate of what she is doing. She is intelligent, knowledgeable, well-read and experienced. She is reliable and responsible which is important in partner relationships. I will definitely be happy to continue collaboration with Virginie in our future projects. I recommend Virginie for those who value professionalism and quality.”

Angela Domasova, Owner and Trainer of Business Etiquette – Luxembourg School of Contemporary Etiquette



The way we deliver value is unique to our proprietary method of uncovering the root cause and then using “small yet mighty” steps unique to each team member to get them feeling and performing better.

How do you deliver your content?

We deliver in many options that include virtual and in person coaching and consulting.  It can be done in one on one settings or in group formats through masterminds and workshops.

How do you identify individual needs for each team member?

Every team member goes through our 60 question needs assessment to identify the area of their deepest need and the root cause for their problem.

How do you create team member buy-in?

We connect the stress problems team members experience to the symptoms that they materialize in. Through connecting the negative impact of stress to their specific life outcomes, people get motivated to implement the needed changes.

How long is your contract?

We do not have a minimum requirement because we want to work ourselves out of the job. Depending on the assessment results, we custom tailor the contract to fit your C Level and frontline team member needs.

How do you ensure engagement by teams going through the training?

We position the CEO as the people’s champion and they help to engage the team by sharing their own journey on our program through an internal channel.

What is the return on investment for the clients?

Companies that buy our services believe that people are at the center of their success. Through working with us they see the benefit through increased productivity, reduced turnover and most importantly desire to believe in company leadership.