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Communication is 70% body language, 20% tone and 10% words. Surprisingly, that non-verbal communication is far more important than words being said.

When we communicate, our body language tells much more than the words we actually say. The way we stand, how we move our hands, where we look, etc. are also communicating ‘something’.

Body language may not seem so important. However, it is actually the unspoken characteristic of communication. 

To communicate effectively, you need to ensure you look and act confident. 


You need to stand tall, with your 2 feet grounded if you present something. 

Your shoulders are back, your back straight and your arms open. 

You need to look at your entire audience and not just one person. 

You need to smile and stay calm. 

Think about this: 

If you are nervous and you look down or start to play with your hands or start shaking your leg(s), people will notice. Your message will be lost.

There is however some good news.

It works both ways! 

If your audience is not engaged, you will also be able to read the signs. They may be sitting with their arms crossed or look bored. It is then YOUR chance to change the tone of your voice, your story and/or your body language. Doing so will help you bring them back into the message you’re trying to convey!

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