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We came to existence out of necessity because organizations cannot repeat what we did to our planet to team member mind, body and spirit. 

Our vision is to create humanly sustainable workplace ecosystems

Our Mission:

  • Create a Humanly Sustainable environment within the workplace by managing team and individual stress
  • Create awareness, education, and application for teams to reach their performance goals
  • The most customized coaching/ consulting marketplace under one global system
  • A place for a coach/consultant to start, build and see their business to fruition

Anton Chumak Andryakov

Chief Executive Officer

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A Message From Our CEO:


Working in a complex world is no easy feat. We are faced with 100 times more stress than even our grandparents had. The business world has become incredibly specialized. The human being is suffering in the organizational cultures and is the greatest margin for organizational improvement. No amount of technology can overcome the drop in productivity and the difficulty of retaining great talent. The human operating system requires nurturing and organizational systems need to be adapted with human-centered design in mind.


We are in the middle of a crisis that has yet to be globally recognized. The companies that pivot first will find the edge that leads to much greater profitability by focusing on the human being in between their 4 walls. Yet I see most companies still trying to use “Jacks of all trade” coaches to solve their organizational problems. Just like the business world has specialized, it is time that the coaching world has caught up. I have coached for more than 10,000 hours and there is one thing that stands true above all else. When I involved other coaches to assist with my client’s development, my clients had the greatest degree of success. Instead of me working with them on areas I was not the strongest in, I found coaches that could step in and cover that portion. That way the client had a specialist for all their needs while I, as a generalist, guide them through the entire process.

Meet Our Team:

W. Kevin Ward

W. Kevin Ward

Chief Operating Officer

My role as part of this great team is to lead in how we operate individually and as an organization. I support the priorities set by our CEO and to help the entire team function at their best!

Our operations will always reflect our Vision, Mission, and Values. We will operate to provide the most value to all we engage with and those we serve. We will operationally function as a team to most effectively use our talent, skills, and resources to achieve consistent movement towards our vision and using our missions and values to establish our priorities!

As we operate we will do so to also support human sustainability in our organization to model behaviors, principles and applications that others can use individually and collectively!

Virginie Lemay-Vriesde

Virginie Lemay-Vriesde

Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

My role within Prospective Force is to ensure we embrace and promote diversity; that we not only focus or include people from only one country or background, but that we accept, help and support others from different genders, ages, nationalities, cultures, different-abilities, religions, backgrounds, etc.  I strongly believe that we all have something to offer, to teach others, and that we also all have something to learn from others. As I often say: together, we are stronger!

Diversity and inclusion has always played a big part in my life. Since I was a student, I’ve had friends from all over the world. I have lived in six different countries, speak fluently 5 languages. I have led and managed international and multi-cultural teams, with people from different ages and backgrounds. And I’ve been travelling to more than 45 countries (and counting).

I cannot imagine my life without diversity. We all have more things in common than differences. I have seen it. Managing and leading multi-cultural teams can be challenging but it’s also very rewarding. You learn so much and achieve better results with diverse teams. However, knowing how to manage, lead, communicate with others is critical if you want your team to perform at its best.