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“Health is not the destination, it is the vehicle to a thriving life and business” 

-Coach Anton

Helping Your Team Thrive By Supporting Their Mind, Body & Spirit

1 on 1 Coaching

We work with clients in 3, 6, and 12-month programs to help them reach their potential. If you enjoy working with a coach in a fully custom-tailored environment this option is for you.

Group Coaching

There is something amazing about being in a group of like-minded people headed on the same journey. If you enjoy working in groups this option is ideal for you.

Workshops & Courses

We pride ourselves on A-La-Carte offerings. If you like learning in bite-size chunks or digitally, this option is for you.

Helping You Achieve Success


While it is great to be able to run fast and do a bunch of pushups, in 2020, being FITTER took on a whole other meaning. We have already known how much health ties into business performance, but never have we seen the global impact that a weakened immunity can do to a person and a business. We help your team members be the new version of FITTER.

Health Coaching Is The Solution To Your Turnover And Productivity Problems

What Is

Health Coaching?


Health coaching is all about the person being in the captain’s chair. While training is all about instructing on how to walk a specific path with the precise tools, coaching is all about variation while the client chooses the options. Your team members are so incredibly unique and what is most important to you about health is different from all of them. To the same point, they are faced with different challenges than other people and the solutions should match all of your needs.

What Is The #10PercentFITTER Method?


10PercentFITTER Method was developed by the CEO of our company Prospective Force. Coach Anton spent over a decade polishing the art of what it means to be a health coach to deliver you the most comprehensive, behavior change-driven approach that yields transformational results. After coaching over 10,000 hours in 1 on 1 and coaching thousands of people in groups, Coach Anton developed this method to help people become self-sustained and never feel lost within the complete picture of health.

4 Pillars Of The 10PercentFITTER Method

The Mind

From helping you to have a better mindset to working through mental health challenges, at 10PercentFITTER we prioritize your mind over every aspect of your health. We do not separate Mental and Physical health as they are interconnected so for one to be good the other has to be there as well.

Internal Health

Internal health is one of the most missed aspects of health transformations. People start eating better and moving better, but after short-lived results, plateaus start. This is because things like stress management and digestive support are not happening and those people’s hormones and neurotransmitters are out of balance. We test and do not guess about internal health and provide solutions on how how to fix it as well how to optimize everything for your best performance.


People often say, “You are what you eat.” As true as that is, there is a lot more that goes into the equation and why we focus on nourishment versus just diets. Your body is amazing and you need to fuel it like you would a Ferrari. We help to fix people’s relationship with food and looking at chasing positive nutrients instead of running from harmful foods.


The word exercise can be daunting on a persona and the health industry has got many people believing that if you do not lift weights like a hardcore athlete, you are not going to be healthy. The reality is that it is not all about exercise for all goals. What is most important is that you move enough, you move functionally and you move with enjoyment.

“Had I known this much can be done for my team’s stress, I would have acted sooner. I am so glad we brought Stress Management For Sales Pro’s workshop to our team”

“The way that health is approached holistically in 10PercentFITTER Method allows for all areas of life to be positively impacted. I will admit that it is true that how you do one thing is how you do everything. Even my husband started watching my work videos”

“I had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Anton at one of his recent speaking engagements in SLC. His knowledge and presentation skills are at the peak of his subject matter- Human performance. His very relaxed approach allows his audience to engage and learn. I look forward to having him further coach me and my team in the future!

 Love On Your Team. Take A Challenge Towards Better Health. Make The Best Investment For You & Your People

We BELIEVE in you and KNOW that with the right guidance your teams can thrive with their health. The astronomical costs associated with burnout and absenteeism do not have to plague your business. The best part is that you get to make this happen as a leader by supporting them at home and at work. It’s time for your people to live a healthy life with sustainable performance at work! 

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Healthy Team Today!